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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

Can I connect my Garmin watch to Zwift?

Garmin has released updates for some of their latest smartwatches which offers a new functionality to connect to Zwift. The latest Garmin smartwatches include the option Activity Profiles for different sports. These are: Run, Trail Run, Bike, Pool Swim, Open Water Swim and the latest Virtual Run.

Forerunner 245, Forerunner 945 and the Fenix 6 are the only compatible Garmin watches yet. A Virtual Run profile allows you to run on Zwift without a foot pod or any other devices. It records your activity on both, your Garmin smartwatch as well as Zwift.

To use Virtual run on your Garmin watch, follow these simple steps:

  • Select Virtual Run on your Garmin watch.
  • Now go to the Pairing screen on Zwift.
  • Scan will show you available devices to pair.
  • Select the Garmin device and initiate pairing.

Does Garmin speed and cadence sensor work with Zwift?

Zwift makes your cycling experience way more exciting. Garmin’s awesome speed and cadence sensor work perfectly with Zwift.

Here’s How you can set up speed and cadence sensor with Zwift:

  • First, Log in to your Zwift account.
  • Now spin the pedals and wake up the speed and cadence sensors.
  • Now go to the Pairing Screen on Zwift.
  • Select your pairing devices when it appears.
  • Click Ok to continue.
  • Wait for set up to complete.

Now you are set up and ready to use speed and cadence sensor with Zwift.

If you have another speed and cadence sensor then we can help you with the easy setup. Feel free to reach out to us—we are here to help!

Is Wahoo compatible with Garmin?

if you do have a Wahoo ANT+ heartrate strap, it will connect to the Garmin Fit ANT+ adapter. It is compatible to pair with your Garmin Forerunner via ANT+. You can pair your Wahoo KICKR smart trainer with Garmin edge by following these steps:

  • First, Plug in your Wahoo KICKR.
  • Now open Status on your Garmin Edge.
  • Click on Sensors option.
  • Now click on Add sensors option
  • Click on indoor training and let the scan find available devices for pairing
    Select the sensor and click add sensors.
  • You can rename the paired device if you have many other devices paired as well. You can skip this step if you want.
  • When you have successfully paired you can calibrate settings and check your details in the status tab

If you have another Wahoo device and need help with the setup, feel free to reach out to our technical team anytime.

Does Garmin watch work with Strava?

Strava is a very popular among many people for storing workout data. You can easily analyze the performance levels, track activity and sync the data automatically to Strava. Most Garmin watches are compatible to work with Strava.

It is easy to connect Strava to your Garmin connect app.

Here is a list of Garmin’s most Strava-friendly devices that we support:

  • Forerunner 935
  • Forerunner 945
  • Forerunner 645 Music
  • Forerunner 735XT
  • Garmin Forerunner 35
  • Garmin Forerunner 45
  • Garmin Vivoactive 4
  • Fenix 5
  • Fenix 6

All these devices work smoothly with Strava. You can check your live progress of your runs, cycles and swims and analyze & compare to your previous Personal Best.

If you need any help with the setup of Garmin compatible accessories or need support for those accessories, feel free to reach out to our technical team anytime. We would love to help out.

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