How do I connect my Garmin speed sensor?

To connect speed sensor using Garmin Connect app, follow these steps:

  • Install the Garmin Connect app.
  • Keep your smartphone within 3 m of the speed sensor. Make sure your
  • phone is not connected to any other wireless network.
  • Spin the wheel for two revolutions to start the speed sensor.
  • Wait for the LED to flash green indicating activity. If the LED light is red it means your device has a low battery level.
  • Open Garmin connect app and go to menu.
  • Now from Garmin Devices from the menu select Sensors.
  • Select Add device or Add Sensor option to pair your device to your Garmin Connect account.
  • Select speed sensor and Follow further instructions on the screen to complete setup.

How do I install Garmin cadence and speed sensor?

Installing Garmin speed sensor

  • To install Garmin speed sensor, place it on front wheel hub.
  • Hook it properly so it doesn’t come off easily.
  • You need to spin the wheel a few times to check it’s not getting caught up into the wheel or coming lose.
  • Adjust it if needed and you have installed it successfully.

If you have tried all these solutions and still face the problem contact our technicians for troubleshooting.


Installing Garmin Cadence

Follow these steps to install Garmin Cadence:

  • To install Garmin Cadence sensor, you need to measure the crank arm size of your bike.
  • Select the band that fits best on the bike’s non-drive crank arm to install the sensor.
  • Make sure that cadence sensor is securely placed on the inside part of non-drive crank arm. You may disposition it by striking it while cycling if it’s placed on the outside where you put your foot.
  • Spin the crank arm a few times to see it is securely placed.


Setup and Connect Speed Sensor through Garmin connect app
  • Open Garmin connect app installed on your smartphone device.
    Navigate to the menu and open settings.
  • Now from Garmin Devices from the menu select Sensors.
  • Select Add device or Add Sensor option to pair your device to your Garmin Connect app.
  • Let the scan show you all the available sensors for pairing.
  • Here, you can select multiple sensors at once to connect with your Garmin app.
  • Select Speed and Cadence sensors from the list.
  • Click Add Sensors to continue pairing.
  • Wait for pairing to be completed.
    When the pairing is done, spin the crank arm and the front wheel twice and wait for the LED light on sensor to blink Green. The green light means that the sensors are now activated.

You check the Sensor status from Garmin connect app.

Why is my Garmin cadence sensor not working?

If you are experiencing issue with your Garmin cadence not working, try these tips to resolve this issue:

Tip 1 – First, you should check the Sensor status from Garmin connect app to see if the sensor disconnected. In case the sensor got disconnected, simply use the Garmin connect app to reconnect the sensor.
Tip 2 – Test the Cadence sensor by spinning the crank arm where its placed to see if it is colliding with any other part or maybe dispositioned due to some reason. If that’s the case, you should change the old band with a new one and place it securely on the inner side of crank arm. Test the sensor again and make sure it’s not in contact with any other part.

Tip 3 – If your Cadence sensor is connected to more than 2 Bluetooth devices, maybe that’s causing the issue. Try to Remove one Bluetooth device and test if the cadence sensor starts working.
Tip 4 – Perhaps it’s time to change your cadence batteries as it may have run out of battery. Get some new batteries and see if the sensor starts working after you put in the new batteries. After you change the batteries you may have to pair the device again if prompted. Follow the above given steps to pair the sensor if needed.
Tip 5 – If you are using Cadence sensor 2 and speed sensor, you may try When using an ANT+ cycling or some other fitness accessory.
Tip 6 – If you are already using ANT+ Accessories and Outdoor/Marine Handhelds perhaps you need to update the software. You can download and install the update for your Garmin’s software from Garmin Express or WebUpdater
Tip 7 – If your cadence sensor is still not working, then you should try resetting the sensor.

If you have tried all these solutions and still face the problem contact our technicians for troubleshooting.

How to Reset the Garmin Speed/Cadence sensor with an Edge?

When you reset your Garmin Speed/Cadence sensor, it may erase all your Follow these steps to Reset your Garmin speed sensor or Cadence sensor:

  • Turn the device switch off for resetting.
  • There are Lap and Start/stop buttons on the device. Press both simultaneously and keep holding them.
  • Turn the device switch on while still holding both buttons.
    Wait for splash screen to appear.
  • Let go of the buttons as splash screen disappears.
  • If the reset is done properly, you will be taken to setup wizard.
  • If the setup wizard does not appear start over the process.
  • When you arrive at the setup wizard, follow the instructions to complete the setup.
  • It may take a few minutes for edge to find satellite signals. Take edge to open clear area and wait till searching for satellites prompt disappears.


If you don’t see your issue here and need help with another issue contact our technicians for troubleshooting.

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